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Some of you prefer brevity, so I’ll give it to you now: TL;DR I found a bottle that’s better than we’ve ever had before. Now, help me choose the brush tip by commenting “tip A” (brush tip) or “tip B” (slanted felt tip) below! MOST importantly, sign up here right now to know when the bottle is ready.

In the mean time, don’t hold out! If you need Wink, buy it. If you need a replacement, email me at: [email protected]

Synopsis: I tested 4 or 5 of each of the 7 bottles, and compared results against the past 2 Wink bottles. The bottle from a factory owner named Billy performed the best. We will be using this bottle, given that A). the second round of samples that I’m receiving this week are just as good as the first round and B). that qualitative testing data from the 10 chosen Wink customers comes back stellar.

The bottle will look like the current bottle: with a matte aluminum outer casing, but with a clear inner casing–similar to the first Wink bottle–instead of black (so that you can how much product is left inside!), and one of the two tips below. Please help us choose a tip by commenting Tip A or Tip B in the comments below!

This is a table showing the test results from the 4 qualities I mentioned in the video. I’ve highlighted the best bottle, as well as the 2 previous bottles we’ve used:


(By the way, if you’re wondering why we choose 90 days as the supply, it’s because the average lash cycle is 8-12 weeks.)

This is a table showing the exact measurements from click testing. It shows mean and standard deviation of how many clicks to get started (using a standard 2ml fill) and how many clicks in the total bottle.


For all the math geeks, I know N is exceptionally low, but the qualitative data is also really important here.  I’m trying to get ahold of more bottles this week to confirm data with a bigger sample size before moving forward.

For all the non-math geeks, we need the mean number of clicks in a bottle (minus the average number of clicks) minus 3 standard deviations of clicks in a bottle to still be a 90 days’ supply of clicks; This means that virtually 100% (in reality 99.7%) of people would receive a pen that works for 90 days, without fail. Given Billy Lee’s pen this is (145.5-19.25-(4.97*3))= 111.34 / 1.25 = 89.07. So yes, the bottle should last 99.7% of people at least 89 days. Really, 4.7% of people will receive a bottle that lasts 89 days, while the other 95% will receive a bottle that lasts even longer.  If you want to include 3 standard deviations of “starting” the bottle too, we’ll still be extremely close to that 89 day minimum point.

If you REALLY hate math.. THIS BOTTLE ROCKS! Math can confirm. Enough said!

Now about the tips and voting, here they are:


Tip A is in the current pen, Tip B was in the original Wink pen.

Tip A is very gentle and great for both eyebrows and eyelashes; it cleans easily, but may not feel like it’s giving as precise of an application. Tip B is also a great, even more precise applicator, but it can get dirty easily and is a bit harder to clean. But you know from using them what feels and works best!

Vote for your favorite by commenting “Tip A” or “Tip B” below, along with any relevant experience with either! I’d love to hear what you have to say. ?

And do you want it when it’s ready? Then make sure to sign up here to be the first to know!

In the mean time, don’t hold out! If you need Wink, buy it. Don’t let those lashes and brows fall to the way side. If you need a replacement, tell me. I always stand behind my product and will give you a replacement or refund–no questions asked.




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