Best Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes: A Secret To Look Elegant!

Hooded eyes, women have been using things to make themselves look more attractive, whether it’s through makeup or other products.

One purpose that any type of cosmetic should serve is to enhance the looks of the woman who wears it. No matter the shade or color of your skin, there is makeup suitable for you.

And, when it comes to eyes, some eyeliners give you a sharp and sophisticated look everyone likes. 

Not everyone has the same types of eyes; some have hooded eyes, and some have non-hooded eyes.

When it comes to people with hooded eyes, certain types of makeup and eyeliners would suit them. If you are keen to know about those eyeliners, keep reading,

For Smudge-Proof Eyes

Smudge-Proof Eyes

One of the downsides of having hooded eyes is that it makes your eyeliners and shadows smudge all over. The hooded skin over your eyes might be the thing that makes you attractive and appealing to others, but smudgy eyes are the thing you have to be careful of.

Using any type of liquid-based eyeliner would be just a waste of your makeup and effort. Here are some of the best smudge-proof eyeliners that might be of your liking. Have a look,

What are the best smudge-proof eyeliners?

The best smudge-proof eyeliners are specifically formulated to resist smearing and fading throughout the day, ensuring long-lasting and precise eye definition.

These eyeliners often feature waterproof or water-resistant formulas that withstand humidity, tears, and other environmental factors.

➡️ Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Eyeliner

If you like to have smudge-proof eyes all day long and rock any type of makeup, make sure you are getting yourself a Rimmel London scandal eyes Eyeliner.

This eyeliner is in pencil form, so there is no need to worry about smudging any colors on your face. In addition to that, Rimmel London eyeliner has ultra ultra-smooth and creamy formula, which allows you to spread it around your eyes easily. 

➡️ Maybelline Hyper-Precise All-Day Eyeliner

With its exclusive felt tip and never-dying sade, Maybelline Hyper-precise all-day eyeliner is one of the best options for you.

It has a 0.4 mm brush, which applies the smoothest and even lines on your hooded eyes and will give you smudge-free makeup all day long. It has also been approved by ophthalmologists and deemed as a safe option for eyes as well.

➡️ Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliners

These eyeliners are completely mechanical pencils and have a smooth formula for better spread and less smudge over your eyes. The company claims it to be effective for 12 hours at the very least, which is quite a long time for an eyeliner.

Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliners also has a rating of 4.5 on Amazon and good reviews from customers. As it is a mechanical pencil, you don’t even need to sharpen it all the time.

➡️ Cost-Effective Eyeliners For Hooded Eyes

When it comes to cosmetics and make-up, one thing is sure: they are expensive.

However, there are some cost-effective eyeliners available on the market that have better quality, long-lasting shades and are much cheaper than many others. Here are all the cost-effective choices for your hooded eyes; take a look:

➡️ Stargazer Semi-Permanent Vegan Eyeliners

If you are a vegan and like to have things in your possession that are mostly vegan, make sure you are getting Stargazer semi-permanent Vegan Eyeliners.

With its thin-precision marker, it will be a good choice for you if you have hooded eyes and want cost-effective eyeliners to do the job.

The color stays intact and without getting smudged for a long 24 hours and can only be removed from a corrector or remover.

➡️ Beauty Forever High Precision Pro Dip Eyeliner

This eyeliner is a cream-based option for people who like that thick layer of lines and dark hooded eyes. Beauty Forever Pro Dip eyeliner has a felt-tip brush that allows you to finely spread all the color perfectly onto your eyes without making a mess.

It has a long-lasting nature and is a very cost-effective option for people with hooded eyes. This eyeliner also has a vegan formula, so if you are into that stuff, it’s quite perfect for you.

➡️ Overall Best Eyeliners

When it comes to the most popular eyeliners, they have better color and long-lasting effects, and they are considered to be the best eyeliners overall as well.

If you think that quality is superior to quantity in any product, make sure you are getting some of the mentioned eyeliners for your hooded eyes as well:

➡️ L’oreal Paris Gel Eyeliner

When it comes to one of the overall best eyeliners in the world, L’oreal Paris gel eyeliners are always the first choice for many. Its semi-permanent strokes are available in 4 shades, provide smudge-free lines with a long-lasting nature, and are transfer-free.

It has a mechanical brush that also makes it easy for you to apply to your eyes and stay clear from smudges all day. If you are considering the overall best eyeliner for your hooded eyes, get a L’oreal Paris eyeliner for yourself.

➡️ Kiko Milano Intense Color Long-Lasting Eyeliner

With its water-resistant formula and smudge-proof application, Kiko Milano’s intense color eyeliner is one of the best eyeliners overall.

If you have hooded eyes, there is a chance that whenever you put eyeliners, it gets into your eyes, causing discomfort and tears. Well, Kiko Milano has a formula that makes it dissolve instantly when it comes in contact with your eyes.

Which Type Of Style Can Suit Your Hooded Eyes?

Matte Eyeshadows is one of the perfect suits for your hooded eyes. Women usually go for shimmery glitters for their eyes, which is great for short events but gets smudgy and spreads all over.

Hooded eyes pop out when you put matte eyeshadows on them and stay for a long time as well. Make sure you are getting the makeup and then put the matte eyeshadows thereafter to have perfect yet long-lasting effects.


Eyeliners are one of the best friends of people with hooded eyes; it give them their charismatic and killer eyes look.

If you have hooded eyes, make sure you are getting the eyeliner mentioned above and trying it out for smudge-free and long-lasting huntress eyes. Make sure you are checking for any allergic reactions from eyeliners before applying them to your eyes.


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