Ankle Weights: Are They Good Or Bad?

People who love exercising always find something new to add to their workout routines. Ankle weights are a new addition to workouts that can provide numerous health benefits.

However, many people are not even familiar with ankle weights or wrist weights. Well, they are mainly used for strength training. 

Thus, if you want to increase your strength and are interested in adding uniqueness to your workout routine, then you can use ankle weights.

However, you have to use them with perfection because they can cause injury. Here, we will explain everything about ankle weights that will help you decide whether they are good or bad.

What Are The Benefits Of Ankle Weights?

Benefits Of Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are a flexible fitness tool that can be used to improve a range of exercises and sports. Learn the many advantages of adding ankle weights to your exercise regimen for a more demanding and productive session.

➡️ You Can Improve Your Stamina

Your stamina shows your strength, and many people get involved in exercises specifically to increase their stamina. Well, even simple physical activities like walking and stretching help increase your stamina. 

So, when you use ankle weights, it can increase your stamina faster and more efficiently. Further, when your stamina is good, you will feel more energetic and perform more exercises.

➡️ They Will Help You Burn Calories More Efficiently

Ankle weights can be very helpful when your target is to burn as many calories as possible. Due to this, many people ask: can ankle weights be used for reducing weight?

Well, many people use ankle weights for this purpose, especially those who are overweight and want to lose weight faster. When you wear ankle weights, your body works extra hard and burns more calories.

➡️ You Make Your Muscles Stronger

One of the main purposes of exercising is to make muscles and bones stronger. Well, ankle weights are used for this purpose, especially for your thighs, glutes, and leg muscles.

If you are involved in sports or bodybuilding, then you can use ankle weights to increase strength in your legs. Also, if you are involved in modeling, then you can improve your overall look by making your legs stronger and beautiful.

➡️ You Can Improve Your Balance

Ankle weights can make you more balanced and coordinated. Also, when your balance is improved, you can achieve success in different types of sports like boxing and even dancing.

Moreover, if you do meditation and yoga, then you can improve your postures when you have increased balance in your body. Additionally, it will also help you perform different types of workouts.

➡️ They Can Help You Get Better Results From Cardio Workouts

Simple cardio workouts like walking and running are good for warming up, but when you use ankle weights, you can get better results. You know many athletes use ankle weight when swimming to get the best training results.

Thus, when you are already doing workouts, it can be a wise decision to add uniqueness to them to get the best results.

Understand The Disadvantages Of Ankle Weights

There are lots of ankle weight benefits, but they also have some downsides. So, it is important to know both sides before using them too much. Thus, you should know that using ankle weights a lot can stress your joints and not help your muscles. 

Your muscles and joints need a break sometimes, and using extra weight too often can be tough on them. Also, when there is too much strain on your joints, it can lead to injury and severe pain. 

Thus, people who are overweight or already suffering from joint pain are at higher risk of experiencing this disadvantage of ankle weights.

Additionally, they are not made to be worn while performing all types of workouts. So, if you use them for wrong exercises, they can cause discomfort and injuries.

Understand Whether Ankle Weights Are Effective Or Not

Everything has good and bad in them, and how you use them decides whether they are effective or not, and it is the same with ankle weights.

If you use ankle weights with perfection, then you can be very effective. You can increase your stamina and burn more calories faster with the help of ankle weights. 

Also, you can exercise more efficiently, which can help you make your muscles stronger. Also, you can increase your overall strength when using ankle weights for specific workouts. However, you should not use them more often because they can cause strain in your joints.

Explore Exercises To Perform With Ankle Weights

➡️ Ankle Weight Knee Up

To perform this exercise, wear ankle weights on both legs and stand straight. Further, lift one leg with ankle weight and try to move your knee toward your chest. Hold the position for 5 to 15 seconds and get back to the starting position. Follow these steps with your other leg as well.

➡️ Ankle Weight Squat Jump

To perform this exercise, wear ankle weights and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Further, lower your body into a squat position, then explosively jump up. Land softly and go back into the squat position. Follow this for 10-12 times and increase according to your strength.

➡️ Single-Leg Glute Bridge

To perform this exercise, wear ankle weights and lie on your back with one foot flat on the ground and the other leg straight. Further, lift your hip towards the ceiling, keeping one leg straight. Lower your hips back down and follow these steps with your other leg as well.

➡️ Side Leg Raises

To perform this exercise, wear ankle weight and lie on one side with your leg straight. Further, lift the top leg as high as you can. Lower the leg back down and continue this 15-20 times. Follow the same steps by lying on your other side and with your other leg.


Ankle weights are the new tools to include in your workout routine. However, many people are confused whether they are good or not. This is because if you use them too often, then they can cause injuries and pain.

For your convenience, we have explained everything you should know about ankle weights. Also, we have explained their advantages and disadvantages for you to understand their effectiveness. 

Moreover, we have suggested some exercises to perform with ankle weights. Thus, if you want to increase your overall strength, then you can use ankle weight in your workout routines. However, if you are happy and healthy with your normal workouts, then ask yourself: should you use ankle weights?


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