“Batting 1000″ used to refer to baseball players, but now that the World Series is over, we’re talkin’ eyelashes. From false lashes going mainstream to the advent of Latisse a few years back, long eyelashes are everywhere.

Unfortunately, prostaglandin-based products like Latisse can cause irritation and discoloration in a small but significant number of individuals. It is also pricey, at just over $100, and inconvenient, requiring a prescription to buy legally. So I’m glad to be offering Wink Natural Cosmetics Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer ($39,, complete with a full array of essentially fatty acids to naturally stimulate eyelash growth by 15-20% within weeks!



Enter Wink Natural Cosmetics (now Amalie). I was super excited when I found this company, with a technology developed by an MIT graduate. Wink Natural Cosmetics Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer contains essential fatty acids (EFAs) that are proven to stimulate the hair follicle to move from the “resting” phase (telogen) and to enter the “active” phase (anagen).


How this works, interestingly enough, may be related to Latisse. Bear with me: Latisse is a prostaglanoid called bimatoprost. Latisse works in part by moving hair follicles from resting to active phase.

On the other hand, essential fatty acids have been found to increase prostaglandin/prostaglanoid production in individuals with a deficiency (Medical Hypotheses, 1980). So by supplementing your eyelash follicles with essential fatty acids, you may be stimulating prostaglanoid production naturally, resulting in fuller and possibly longer lashes. (!) That’s a beautiful thing!

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