So what is ageless beauty?

The dictionary states that Ageless Beauty is an adjective. not aging or appearing to age. lasting forever; eternal; undying: the ageless beauty of Greek sculpture. But the definition in 2020 has  expanded to mean beauty can be found at all ages. The drive to “look young” is tempered with the reality that the definition of beauty is much broader. This kinder, and more all encompassing  understanding is long overdue. 

Ageless Beauty Thrives in Other Cultures

Honestly, the US and many other countries are youth obsessed but this trend is slowly changing and we are starting to see acceptance relative to reality. Many asian cultures such as Vietnam, China and Korea have embraced the concept of ageless beauty long before the US. Beauty is defined as more than skin deep and there is respect for experience. Perhaps one of the reasons beauty is ageless in these cultures is because organic skin care is at the root of the culture at all ages. K-Beauty, specifically Korean Skin Care, is respected world wide with simple natural ingredients being used daily as well as avoidance of sun makes for a porcelain complexion. There are many tips to Korean skin care but one of the keys is to cleanse gently twice to be sure to have perfectly clean skin before applying any creams, waters or toners. One of the other key ingredients is the use of rice water when washing your face. Rice water is a natural moisturizer that also helps to slow aging, reduce dark circles, fade dark spots and brighten your overall skin tone. This timeless beauty understanding is also part of the commercial culture with 6 of the top 10 Asian models over 30 and the number one model from China at 31.

We are Learning to Love Ourselves

As of 2019, women aged 15-29 account for 32.4m or 4.76% of the adult female population. Meanwhile, the rest of the US female population is 121.6m or 95.24%. Interesting to note that each incremental grouping of 5 years represents roughly 10m up until the age of 65. So, how long are we going to let the tail wag the dog? Women of 2020 still want to be youthful and retain their youthful looks but realize beauty is beyond the “traditional” definitions. Being healthy, vibrant, active, confident, adventurous and looking great make for a beauty like no other. Let’s face it, finding this package in someone under 29 is a challenge.

This acceptance of aging and the search for less severe beauty tweaks are in. Full face lifts have been declining for years as women want more natural, less invasive, less permanent options to enhance their looks without  being transformed into someone they don’t know of want to be. Procedures are in and full face lifts are out. Fillers, Botox and even the decline in breast implants are part of the beauty trends for 2020 and beyond. Allure outlines their forecast in this article. Makeup has also advanced over time to through shading, improved products designed for older skin and other techniques surgery or procedures may not be needed.

Another indication that women are getting comfortable with their age is that silver or grey hair is one of the top 5 hair color trends in 2020. Even, younger women are choosing to to go silver of a shade of silver lilac. 

The Beauty Industry Realizes Ageless Beauty is Profitable

Let’s face it, big business follows the money and more than likely woman a bit older have more money. With the backlash of models being too thin and unhealthy came more realistic sized models as well as plus size agencies. Now there are full agencies dedicated to models over 40 and there is a preference for models aged 50 plus. Want more evidence, check the shampoo isle next time your in the store and you’ll see an expansion with specialty options for thinking, grey, colored, textured, etc…. hair. As we age, our hair changes and the industry is capitalizing on this with new specialized formulations. Five of the ten highest paid models in the US 2019 were over 30 and 1 is over 40. Next time you watch a commercial on TV good luck trying to find one without an older woman in it. Things may be evolving slower than we would hope but with the average age of a woman starting her own business being 42, the pace is likely to pick up. If you’re an older woman, you need to realize that you’re voting with each dollar you spend – choose wisely.

In summary, we and the beauty industry are evolving and becoming more open to new definitions of beauty. If you’ve ever watched a grandmother play with her grandchildren there is no doubt that beauty is ageless.

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