11 African Hair Braiding Styles To Try This Fall: New Updates!

With the onset of a gushed autumn breeze, craving for transformation is creeping on us and it’s high time to freshen up fashion souls in pursuit of catching worthy looks.

Traditional African hair braiding based on cultural aspects springs forth a variety of beautiful styles that serve the two basic needs; warmth and appearance.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll take a plunge into 11 styles of African hair braiding which are all unique and impressive in their way and present an ample amount of inspiration that will help you to boost your fall fashion game.

What are the different types of African Hair Braiding Styles?

Different Types Of African Hair Braiding Styles

Looking to revamp your style this fall? Dive into the vibrant world of African hair braiding! With a fusion of tradition and contemporary trends, these 11 braiding styles will infuse your look with elegance and cultural flair.

Box Braids

To kick start our journey let’s explore more about the flawless and timeless Box Braids. These braids are not only classic and looking but they also require almost no daily maintenance which is just perfect for the fast bustling autumn.

You can personalize Box Braids to match your desired style as they come in different lengths and thicknesses; This way you are adding a little bit of creativity to your autumnal hairdo.

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a detailed and culturally deep hairstyle that originates from the Fulani people of West Africa.

Even though the central cornrow would probably be still considered a hallmark of Fulani braids it is patterned on the sides which constitutes the attractiveness of such braiding.

Make this style even better by adding beads or cowrie shells that would give it an element of authenticity thus conjuring up the atmosphere of mourning fall.

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese Twists This hairstyle is great for a polished look this fall. Whether both synthetic and natural hair extensions, these twists are good at giving you length as well as volume while protecting your real hair.

The outcome is a chic and natural look that effortlessly transitions into many fall scenarios thereby adding versatility to your autumn wardrobe.

Ghana Braids

Enter the world of Ghana Braids or cornrows forever. These braids are done very closely to the head with a protective and aesthetically pleasing style.

Aside from being a protective style Ghana braids are often done as they make the perfect canvas for customizing them to one’s liking allowing you to experiment with different patterns and designs adding a touch of individuality to your fall look.

Marley Twists

Marley Twists named after the legendary reggae musician Bob Marley bring a popular and bouncy braiding style to your autumn arsenal.

This kind of twist is made from Marley’s hair and is natural looking and voluminous which makes it the best for everyone who wants to be bold with fashion during this fall season.

Kinky Twists

Turn to Kinky Twists to fully enjoy the natural texture of African hair. This style is a low-maintenance but fashionable choice for fall that honors natural curls and coils.

It does not emit the loud color contrasts and features you can find in the summertime when everything seems too bright but it never makes you sad or upset – an autumn wedding has mildness about itself because it looks very tasteful.

Such a modest background is perfect for carrying dozens of mesmerizing and ordinary things at once starting from waving shining grass that grew instead of the spectacular tree line by the road.

Butterfly Locs

Highly popular as an alternative to traditional faux locs Butterfly Locs is a modern and aesthetically gorgeous option.

The loose and textured tips floating like butterfly wings give a distinctive fall hairstyle. Butterfly locs provide a great option to those who want to be bold with fashion incorporating creativity in their fall aesthetic.

Bantu Knots

Feel free to add bantu knots as a playful and protective touch for autumn. The versatile style entails twisting hair sections into small knots that can be used as knots or unraveled to form charming curls.

Bantu knots provide a perfect hairstyle for autumn festivities and celebrations as they offer an active and versatile style that suits many occasions.

Havana Twists

On the other hand, Havana Twists are chunky and very voluminous which gives them a bold and dramatic look.

This style gives a bodied look from Habana hair extensions that are sure to make you stand out and wow your mates this fall season. Havana Twists complement your general fall aesthetics since they have a chunky texture and are quite bold.

Nubian Twists

The Nubian Twists are a version of the Senegalese twists that are for those with tighter curls but who want twists.

This style is suitable for those who like an organic costume look in the autumn bringing your overall look to light with some authenticity. Nubian Twists coils will give an additional volume of depth to your autumn hairdo.

Yarn Braids

Yarn braids inject a creative burst of color into your fall hairstyle. This playful and colorful take on classical braiding allows you to try out various colors of yarn to represent your personality and create a distinctive touch for your fall outfit.

Yarn braids offer a playful and stylish means of incorporating the touch of personalization into your fall-season look.

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As the leaves turn red-goldish and the air becomes crispy, African hair braiding comes into play as a perfect embodiment of fall. Box Braids are a timeless appeal while Havana Twists make high statements; every braiding style suits many personalities and occasions.

Grab any of these 11 African hair braiding styles and step into the season with confidence and style by mixing your cultural heritage with fashion.

Fall is more than just another season, it’s an opportunity to recreate yourself and what other way could there be of doing it?’ with a fantastic African hair braiding style that every game showcases your uniqueness.


Q1: What is African hair braiding?

A1: African hair braiding is an ancient form of hairstyling technique where the process involves braids or plaits made by interweaving patterns in adventuristic design.

This cultural tradition not only has a historical base but also represents the diversity and creativity involved in African hairstyling norms.

Q2: Why is African hair braiding different?

A2: African hair braiding has distinctiveness in that they are rich in culture and has diverse styles of braids as well as a level of professionalism involved. Every braided style has had a lot of cultural or regional meaning making it an incredible way to communicate

Q3: How many days do African hair braids generally last?

A3: There are different factors to consider when considering braids African hair longevity; these include the type of braid that one would prefer length and thickness texture as well depending on how good they will be kept.

The average period that braids can last is between two to eight weeks. Protective styling like box braids or twists are less well-maintained hair options than cornrows.

Q4: Are African hair braiding styles meant only for anybody who goes with the style and may want to have it since they are envious?

A4: Although a lot of traditional African hair braiding styles are tailored to suit natural African hair textures these styles can be adapted for use by all.

African hair braiding styles can be used and adopted by different individuals having various textures of their hair with the help of extensions or some customizations.

Q5: How to take care of hair in braids?

A5: Whilst in the haunted house and superior maintenance was compromised your hair can easily die while on rafts. This involves moisturizing the hair regularly to care for the scalp and desist from enjoining intense tension on the hair.

Further, protective hairstyles cannot replace proper hair care; one should follow a healthy routine to care for the hair.



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