This story is from a wonderful woman named Patricia. The story’s focus is less on her battle with cancer than it is on the result: her decision to start a non-profit helping other survivors like herself. This is her story:


5 years ago I was treated with chemotherapy for breast cancer.

My lashes and brows never grew back.

I had been ill for quite some time and knew I not only needed to leave the toxic environment of Los Angeles, but also needed to still help others.

25 years as a complimentary health practitioner, running my own successfully practice didn’t work for me anymore.

I sold everything and went to the east coast. I traversed it looking for a sea worthy sailboat to take families with special needs out sailing.

The perfect boat took two years to find, and I’e spent two years remodeling this wonderful sailboat. Soon we will formally launch this project and take families out sailing.

We purchased the sailboat in Annapolis, and sailed down to Jacksonville to refit, and we will start taking families out from there.

I am [finally] well now! 5 years later, all blood work and tests are perfect. The air is clean here and the people are very family oriented. I am definitely, finally in my element.


If you want to learn more about what Patricia is doing, check out the news article here or visit her Facebook page here.



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