Sea Changes in Beauty

Natural Beauty Wins the Day With Covid-19 we have all had to learn how to do things ourselves, we’ve had to learn to do without and have had to define what is most important to us. There is no doubt that our beauty habits have definitely shifted. Will any of these new behaviors stick? A … Read more

3 Steps to Healthy Hair

Maintain Your Hair Get Regular Haircuts. There is a myth that getting your hair trimmed makes your hair grow faster but that is simply not the truth. Your hair growth is regulated by your hair follicles and those are on your scalp. However, getting your hair cut or trimmed regularly does keep your hair more … Read more

Are we reverting back to Beauty Trends from the 1800’s?

This President’s Birthday weekend got me thinking about makeup and beauty trends in the 1800’s vs today. Just how different would it have been for me back then? Turns out it’s not hard to make the case that we are reverting back to beauty trends 200 years ago.  Here are some examples: The healthy/natural look … Read more

Want Better Skin, Lashes & Hair? Get a Silk Pillowcase

 I was introduced to silk pillow cases by my Grandma MeMe. I remember as a little girl going to my grandmothers house and watching her while she performed her nightly beauty ritual. She would always clean her face with cold water, put on night cream, brush her hair and sleep on a silk pillowcase. I … Read more

Braids are Back?!

    Hair braids have been around for a long time. The oldest known evidence of hair braiding may go back about 30,000 years, known in academia as the Woman of Willendorf, is a female figurine estimated to have been made between about 28,000 and 25,000 BC. The Venus of Brassempouy is estimated to be … Read more